The Biometrics Performance Simulator, available at Julian Ashbourn’s Biometrics Research website

Here is an announcement from Mr. Julian Ashbourn regarding launch of a free to use tool Biometrics Performance Simulator:

A new utility – The Biometrics Performance Simulator – has been posted on the Biometrics Research website at which you might find very interesting. It demonstrates the issue of equivalence of performance across nodes and has various selectable parameters which will enable you to emulate and visualise a wide variety of situations. It also has an integral graphing engine, enabling you to easily produce visualisations for reports etc. You may download and use this software freely and without restriction. It is supplied as is with no warranty, implied or otherwise. When you become familiar with its use, you may like to join the Biometrics Research forum in order to discuss the implications that it unveils. Similarly, if you have any thoughts on how it may be enhanced in the future, do let me know via the website.
Kind regards to all,

Afterwards Julian has updated the site with two additional tools:

I have posted a third utility on the Biometrics Research website [ ] which illustrates the importance of template quality and variability, especially with respect to blanket threshold levels. It also makes a useful distinction between arbitrary threshold levels and matching criteria based upon individual templates.

The three utilities, together, form a useful little suite with which to discuss and understand the use of a biometric in real world scenarios. They will be especially useful for training purposes or to formulate the right questions for system designers. If you have any questions or observations in this context, please let me know.

Regards to all,



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