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Customers in the market for biometrics should be demanding higher quality of biometrics systems, applications, and services (in terms of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Performance) while keeping the operational costs (such as downtime, maintenance, malfunctions) at a minimum.

After almost 10 R&D years in a convergence area between several IT disciplines (e.g. biometrics, application performance monitoring, event correlation and analysis), Optimum Biometric Labs has packaged and released its know-how and experience in this Best Practices in Biometrics Performance Monitoring Programs. This course looks at the use of definitions, standards, methods, processes, and IT tools to support end-users’ and businesses’ real-world expectations associated with ReliabilityAvailabilityMaintainability, and Performance of biometric-based verification and identification systems and applications.

Course Schedule
Part one:

  • What is Biometrics Performance Monitoring?
  • Why is Biometrics Performance Monitoring needed?
  • Informative standards and their relevance
  • Three distinct goals of Biometrics Performance Monitoring
  • Five steps towards implementing and adopting a successful Biometrics Performance Monitoring (BPM) program
  • What is Service Level Agreement (SLA) and why is it important? what does and should it content?
  • How to estimate biometrics operational costs

Part two:

  • Market overview
  • Functions of general Biometrics Performance Monitoring (BPM) tool
  • Properties of general Biometrics Performance Monitoring (BPM) tool. How to evaluate IT tools for Biometrics Performance Monitoring?
  • Relationship between units/elements, events, alerts, and metrics
  • Interface between the biometric system and the Biometrics Performance Monitoring (BPM) tool, Overview of BPM Application Programming Interface (API)
  • What are the right questions to be asked in a BPM program? and their answers
  • Case study of a DHS-sponsored project involving 6 different vendors’ products
  • Questions/discussions

For which type of organizations: Biometrics end-customers, Maintenance & support centers, Prime contractors and system integrators, Biometric vendors, Standardization bodies, Biometric fora and associations

For who: CIO, CSO, CTO, Product Manager, Sales Manager, IT / System Administrator, Operations and Support staff, System Architect, Biometric System Developer

Dates and time: Any suitable date and time

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Location: This is an on-site course, we bring this course to your workplace, i.e. your preferred location (please note that for locations outside of the United States travel expense of the Lecturer will be invoiced upon prior agreement). That this course is on-site has many attractive advantages:

  • Cost (and time) savings by eliminating participant (e.g. employees) travel expenses
  • Convenient location access and time flexibility to fit employees’ schedule
  • Option to have room for a greater number of participants
  • Allow for open discussions among participants (e.g. employees)

Number of participants/attendees: unlimited

Course material: Lecture notes in digital format will be distributed in advance. These notes are for participants only and are not for sale.

Fee: $1995

Coordinator and Lecturer: Babak Goudarzi Pour, Co-founder, CEO & BPM Evangelist at Optimum Biometric Labs

Book your on-site course: Best Practices in Biometrics Performance Monitoring Programs


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