Introduction to Biometrics Performance Monitoring

What is Biometrics Performance Monitoring?

Biometrics Performance Monitoring or Management (BPM) is the use of standards, methods, processes, frameworks, and IT tools to support end-users’ and businesses’ expectations associated with ReliabilityAvailability, Maintainability, and Performance of biometric-based verification and identification systems and applications.

Biometrics Performance Monitoring, which in essence is comparable to Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Event Correlation and Analysis (ECA), is using real-time data to detect, diagnose, report, and recover issues, or potential issues, in order to ensure that end-customers’ business goals and requirements are met or exceeded.

Portal’s Mission 

This portal is dedicated to Best Practices in Biometrics Performance Monitoring Programs. It is intended for everyone who works or is involved with biometrics. Its objective is to advocate for and introduce its audience to some of the vital aspects in management of biometric-based systems and applications namely Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM), and Performance. This portal is recommended to diverse types of organizations:

  • End-customers
  • Maintenance & support centers
  • Prime contractors and system integrators
  • Biometric vendors
  • Standardization bodies
  • Biometric fora and associations

And key role functions:

  • CIO, CSO
  • IT / System Administrator, Operator, First-line support
  • System Architect, Developer
  • CTO, Product Manager, Sales Manager

Seeking consensus for international standardization

Optimum Biometric Labs aims to seek enthusiasm, consensus, and collaboration among the organizations and individuals in the biometric industry and end-user community to develop this Best Practices into an ISO-standard. We believe the most appropriate environment for this endeavor would be the committee ISO/IEC JTC1/SC37 – Biometrics.

We encourage review, comment, criticism, contribution, and collaboration

This portal and the Best Practices in Biometrics Performance Monitoring Programs are “living” documents. We are committed to do our best to improve their content and structure as the discipline and its community move forward. We encourage review, comment, correction, contribution, collaboration by the biometrics industry and end-users.

You find “Leave a comment” field on every page of this site and also a dedicated category for Guest Authors’ posts and a Feedback page. You can also let us know your support and interest in this Best Practices via the online form below. Your engagement is highly valuable and appreciable.

Register your support/interest for this Best Practices

Background of this Best Practices

Since its inception in 2003, Optimum Biometric Labs has been pioneering (see milestones) the research and development of this essential and multi-disciplinary (yet highly interconnected) area within biometrics. In the current ISO standardization work, most parts of this convergence area have been outside the scope and hence lacked a dedicated standard, although ISO/IEC FCD 19795-6.2 encourages some parts of it.

The foundation of this Best Practices is the result of nearly 10 R&D years and the package of our know-how and experience. This is our contribution to the biometric industry and end-user community.

How we chose the name for this discipline
The discipline addresses best practices in Biometrics Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Performance Monitoring or management. The topics/areas in this work include:

  • Biometrics Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Performance Monitoring/Management
  • Biometrics System Monitoring/Management
  • Biometrics Operational/Operations Monitoring/Management
  • Remote Biometrics Device Monitoring/Management
  • Remote Biometrics Service/Application Monitoring/Management

Optimum Biometric Labs ultimately chose to name the discipline Biometrics Performance Monitoring (BPM) based on several factors:

  • Ease of popularizing and marketing (short and concise term)
  • Association and resemblance to the relevant and established IT term: Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
  • Among the four areas, Performance is perhaps the most sensitive and required one which in essence relies on the sum of the other three areas. Therefore, Performance can be interpreted as the most representative indicator for overal health status of Biometrics systems and applications.

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